SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) Endorsement

Learn techniques for managing and measuring the performance of a global supply chain using the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model with SCOR-P training and credential program.


The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model is widely regarded as the industry standard for supply chain management. The SCOR paradigm enables users to discuss, enhance, and share supply chain management practices.

The APICS SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) endorsement certifies a person’s understanding of SCOR and aptitude for using the model’s methods to gauge, control, and enhance supply chain performance. A person who has earned the SCOR-P endorsement has in-demand knowledge and abilities in supply chain management.

The SCOR-P endorsement offers organizations a useful way for evaluating the abilities and competencies of supply chain professionals. Additionally, it creates criteria for measuring the success of SCOR training. A firm, government agency, or nonprofit organization can utilize the SCOR model to speed supply chain transformation and significantly improve business performance by creating an internal pool of endorsed SCOR Professionals.

SCOR – P Training

Introduction to SCOR® model, problem solving, practical application and exercises
3-day workshop; 1 exam
Classroom-based, instructor-led learning approach
Suitable for certificate programs
Public and in-house available

SCOR-P Exam (Retake)

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SCOR Implementation Benefits

  1. average operation income improvement of 3% to sales (high 4.5% – low 1.5)
  2. inventory turn improvement of 20% 
  3. delivery reliability improvement of 25% 
  4. 20% improvement in flexibility 
  5. 30% faster system implementation with 30% more functionality 
  6. Continuous improvement portfolios refreshed at a value of 0.5%
  7. Mitigation of cost associated with risk management 

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What will Participants Learn?

  1. Supply chain processes 
  2. Supply chain performance metrics 
  3. Supply chain practices 
  4. Supply chain people skills 
  5. The class will investigate a SCOR project case study. 
  6. Participants receive a copy of the SCOR model, a digital SCOR Quick Reference Guide and a SCOR Professional Training Participant Workbook


APICS SCOR–P education is essential if you are involved in: 

  • Production management 
  • Operations 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Procurement 
  • Materials management 
  • Inventory management