Get the tactical and strategic knowledge you need to succeed in today's market

Open training seminars are designed by our highly qualified instructors on the various aspects of supply chain. Our events are designed to equip the delegates with tactical and strategic knowledge they need to succeed in the market today. Providing impactful training and development opportunities on a regular basis boosts employee motivation and job satisfaction while also opening up opportunities for advancement and promotion. 

Our instructors provide inspired, thought-provoking, and practical supply chain perspectives, including the latest supply chain trends and best practices. They use the most effective adult learning techniques to achieve extraordinary results. On evaluation, our seminars consistently receive high instructor and content ratings.

Our seminars are an excellent way to accomplish your goals. It is especially important during difficult economic times to find ways to improve bottom-line success by making better Supply Chain decisions and managing your organization’s Supply Chain activities. Our Supply Chain Seminars empower delegates to identify the technologies, standards, and methodologies required to drive profitability. We guarantee that you will get good value for your money. Please see the list of ongoing programs below.