The Supply Chain People

The complexity, dispersion, and fragmentation of supply networks have made it increasingly challenging to design and manage them. It’s a challenge to give customers and stakeholders what they want, when they want it, and to do it while keeping costs as low as feasible. More than ever, companies and their leaders are under intense pressure to find the employees they require to create a smooth end-to-end supply chain process.

It can be difficult to find qualified individuals who can handle this process with care. It takes effort, commitment, and expertise to build a trustworthy workforce that can handle everything from hiring through client delivery. To build an exclusive network of possible candidates, ISCS has invested years in cultivating relationships with the best directors, managers, logisticians, buyers, and engineers across the whole supply chain. 

We help clients solve the talent challenge by providing permanent, contract and multi-hire professional search solutions across planning, procurement, technical operations, engineering and logistics. We are the greatest partners for matching the talents and attitude of the candidate with the job demand and company culture. We will provide the precise individuals you require at the precise time you require them, whether you need one person or one hundred to manage a time-sensitive project or to drive long-term growth.

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