We deliver the Supply Chain
body of knowledge to your door

Our in-house/in-company workshops are for both seasoned professionals looking to get in-depth knowledge of Supply Chain Management or beginners hoping to hone their abilities. We have vast experience across industries, and we take time to understand your requirements to ensure that our in-house programs are tailored to fit your unique needs.

Our in-house programs have had a significant impact on our clients’ efficiency and overall competitiveness. Our approach allows the client’s team to recognize their unique situation, discuss their specific challenges, and develop effective and actionable solutions. ISCS In-house programs can be completed singly or in stages. These programs include but not limited to; Planning, Procurement/Purchasing, Production, Logistics & Distribution. 

  • Planning

We offer a wide range of planning programs designed to provide participants with skills in product delivery, market coverage, transportation management, and customer product interest.

  • Procurement/Purchasing

We provide a comprehensive range of Procurement/Purchasing programs designed to equip participants with skills in placing orders, receiving quotations, selecting suppliers, inspecting incoming materials, and maintaining purchasing records.

  • Production 

Our production programs are designed to give participants the skills they need to produce goods and services more cheaply and efficiently, boost revenue by improving customer satisfaction through high quality and responsive service, and boost the operations’ productive capacity.

  • Logistics & Distribution

Our Logistics & Distribution programs provide participants with skills in physical distribution, warehouse selection, material handling, packaging, order fulfilment, customer service, inventory management, and stores management. 

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